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Message from our Lobbyist: David Quintana


Members, non-members,  families, employees and anyone you do business with; contact your Senate and Assemblymen by phone and in writing. This is important - we need to expand the population contacting them as much as possible. Attached members can check the maps to see which district they are located in. Then contact immediately and repeat contact again next week. 


 SENATE District Map                      ASSEMBLY District Map 


SB 10 Sample Opposition Letter              AB 42 Sample Opposition Letter




Update on Bail Bills:


There was no vote needed at the hearing on Wednesday, May 17th, but


there was a great showing of agents that came and wore NO on AB 42 (sticker) on their coats.   


Once these bills have been negotiated, they will be heard for a vote, SB 10 on May 25th and AB 42 on May 26th. The team of lobbyists and CBAA will work to negotiate the bill language before that date. It is important for us to build trust with the authors during the negotiation process.   The authors know the cost is too high, so we have a position of power. As always we will update with what happens. 



Gloria Mitchell, President      

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